These are the Damaging Errors You Must Avoid When Naming Your Fashion Business

Competition in the fashion industry is getting fiercer by the day. And if your business must stand a chance, it needs to be equipped with the essentials. This includes having a solid business plan, a suitable location or online platform, great products, and a deep understanding of the market you wish to enter.

But above all else, you must build a creative branding strategy to improve your company’s performance and raise your chances for future expansion. Establishing a solid reputation that’ll influence how customers see your fashion business is essential to building your branding strategy.

And there’s no better way of building a solid reputation than coming up with unique and intriguing fashion brand name ideas that perfectly embody the essence of your company.

However, we found that while individual business owners employ various techniques to develop a company name for their enterprise, including using a company name generator or, more popularly, by brainstorming, the resulting naming issues often follow a predictable pattern.

And after analyzing millions of brand names, we’ll show you how to choose a lovely brand name that perfectly represents your company’s greatest attributes. 

Three Most Common Errors to Avoid When Naming Your Fashion Brand

These are the Damaging Errors You Must Avoid When Naming Your Fashion Business
  1. Avoid Using Offensive or Inappropriate Brand Names

A fashion brand with the same values as its core customer base will undoubtedly see increased sales and customer retention since the average consumer is typically concerned about the social, ethical, health, and environmental goals of the firms they do business with.

Choosing a name that is consistent with your target market’s ideals is the greatest way to express your business’s brand. A bad name may lead to brand boycotts and unfavorable perceptions of your fashion business, while a good name can grow your consumer base.

Be extremely attentive and thoughtful when selecting a brand name and a strong brand identity to represent your business to avoid alienating or outright insulting your clients and restricting the opportunities for your company.

  1. Avoid Names That are Unnecessarily Long

Long and convoluted company names should be avoided since they make it more difficult for people to locate or remember your brand. 

If you pick a distinctive, memorable name for your fashion business, more customers will be able to remember it and tell their friends, family, and coworkers about it. Avoid using long terms and phrases for your brand name if possible. But if you absolutely must, consider abbreviating it.

Make it your priority to find short company names for your business so that your core audience can easily recognize and connect with your business.

  1. Avoid Translation Errors in Other Languages

Every business with a significant online presence can connect with customers anywhere on the globe. Nevertheless, having a worldwide identity also has its drawbacks in addition to its obvious advantages.

One of these disadvantages is making your brand name visible to people from different cultures and dialects. And though this might not seem like an issue at first, it becomes more of a problem if the name of your brand sounds or means something bad in another language.

Customers won’t be persuaded to use your fashion business’s product or service if they don’t like your brand name. 

For instance, Spanish-speaking customers declined to purchase two well-liked items from Mazda and Nokia since the names of their respective products, Laputa and Lumia, in their language, meant ‘prostitute.’

Therefore, to avoid this from repeating itself with your product, conduct a thorough linguistic study on the languages that are most often spoken worldwide and in your target market to prevent any potential naming catastrophes caused by poor translations.

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Maintain Contact With Your Customers

Since its inception, social media has greatly influenced how businesses operate, especially internet enterprises. Customers can provide open feedback—both favorable and unfavorable—which promotes business growth by raising client brand awareness and determining a company’s success or failure.

Always remember that even seemingly little branding errors might quickly give potential customers a bad impression of your fashion business. And with the help of social media, any mistake you make can be broadcasted to the internet, hurting your brand’s online reputation.

Therefore, as a business owner, you have to take all necessary precautions to prevent making the horrible mistake of naming your brand incorrectly.

Grant Polachek is the head of branding at Squadhelp, a 3X Inc. 5000 company that specializes in elaborate and innovative naming. Squadhelp has analyzed over 1 million names and generated a list of the top web addresses currently available on the internet. We are the pioneering crowdsourced name platform, and our clientele includes Fortune 500 corporations as well as start-ups.


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