How to style a curly wig guide

Are you facing challenges when styling a curly wig? Do you believe that achieving the perfect look with a curly wig involves a series of time-intensive steps? Contrary to this perception, there are numerous straightforward and efficient techniques to rejuvenate your curly wig’s hairstyle.

These methods are not as intricate as one might assume. In today’s blog post, we at will unveil these quick and effortless strategies that will enable you to transform your curly wig with ease.

Tips Before Styling a Curly Wig 

Remembering to Wear a Wig Cap 

Though some might think the choice of wearing a wig cap is trivial and perhaps even more comfortable without one, the advantages of wearing a wig cap are significant. 

Opting for a wig cap that closely resembles your skin tone can enhance the natural look of your curly wig, particularly around the lace front area. Additionally, concealing your natural hair under a wig cap ensures it stays flat and secure, creating an ideal base for the wig. In short, a wig cap not only promotes a more comfortable fit but also bolsters your confidence by securing your curly wig in place. 

For insights on ‘how to select the perfect cap for your wig?’, we have prepared a separate article to guide you in choosing the right wig cap. 

Selecting Suitable Curly Wig Styling Products 

In choosing styling products for human hair wigs, lightweight, water-based options are generally recommended for all wig types. However, for curly wigs, it’s essential to pick products specifically formulated for them. These products should be able to nourish, style, and maintain the curls without causing heaviness, allowing for effortlessly gorgeous, lively curls. 

Diva Curly Wig

Moderation is Key with a curly wig. 

When applying products to your curly wig, start with a minimal amount and increase as necessary. Excessive product can weigh down the curls and give them a greasy appearance. 

Matching the Curly Wig Lace to Your Skin 

Selecting a lace color that mirrors your skin tone can make your curly wig style more natural. Styling curly wigs might involve exposing the lace edges or the weft parts of the wig cap, especially when the hair is pinned or pulled back. 

Curly wig styles

If you enjoy varying hairstyles with curly wigs, consider an HD lace wig. These wigs blend well with different skin tones due to their thinner, less conspicuous lace. Choose a wig with a larger lace area for greater versatility in styling.

Wearing a Silk Bonnet for Overnight Care

Curly wigs inherently possess style and volume, requiring minimal additional effort. 

Yet, managing curly wigs can be more complex than straight wigs, especially when sleeping in them. Friction can cause tangling, leading to a tangled, unkempt look in the morning. 

To mitigate this, gather the curls into a bun at the nape of your neck before sleeping and wear a silk bonnet. This will help prevent tangling, making morning styling easier.

wearing a silk bonnet

Styling Options 

Creating Volume 

Curly wigs hold a special appeal, especially among black women, as they wonderfully highlight their innate beauty. Unlike straight hair, curls naturally offer more texture and volume, enhancing the hairstyle with added dimension and visual allure. Therefore, an effective approach to styling a curly wig is to amplify its volume. 

Often, new curly wigs may appear somewhat flat, necessitating a personal touch to infuse the desired level of volume for that perfect curly look. We have a dedicated blog post that guides you through various techniques to add volume to a curly wig. Be sure to explore it for insights! Ultimately, voluminous curls craft a hairstyle that radiates both glamour and sophistication. 

Synthentic wig styles

Curly Wig Styling Tools 

Heat styling tools offer the flexibility to restyle your curly human hair wig. Occasionally, the inherent curl pattern of a wig might need a slight tweak. Tools such as curling wands or irons with adjustable heat settings can be employed, albeit cautiously, to redefine or reshape curls, particularly if some sections have lost their curl. These tools enable the creation of either tighter or looser curls, tailoring them to your stylistic preference. 

Over time, due to factors like storage, daily wear, and maintenance, curly wigs might lose some of their spring and definition. A gentle application of low heat can rejuvenate these curls, restoring their vibrancy and bounce. 

However, it’s crucial to limit the use of heat styling tools, as excessive heat can lead to frizz and dullness in the curls. Always apply a heat-protectant spray before using any heat-based styling method. 

Elegant curly wig style

Enhancing The Wig’s Natural Curls 

Bringing out the inherent shine of your curly wig’s curls is an effective way to refresh its style. Products designed to enhance shine, like serums, glosses, or sprays, can be used sparingly to give the curls a glossy finish without overburdening the hair. 

Picture the transformation of your curly wig, now gleaming with an entrancing shine, reflecting light and creating a luminous effect. The curls feel soft and silky, contributing to the overall shiny and sleek appearance of the hairstyle and exuding a luscious and radiant aura.

Curly Wet Look 

Consider mimicking the look of damp or wet curls with your curly wig. This sought-after style accentuates the natural texture, creating the illusion of freshly moisturized hair. 

To achieve this curly, wet look on your wig, you can use water-based styling gels or curl-defining creams specifically formulated to replicate the wet appearance. 

Exploring New Colors 

If the classic natural black curly wig no longer excites you, why not experiment with a new hue? In the realm of wigs, a color change equates to a complete hairstyle transformation. At ISEE, we offer a diverse palette of popular colors for curly wigs, ranging from subtle, understated tones to bold, striking shades. Options abound, including natural browns, delicate highlights, or dynamic and vivid styles like sparkle roots or skunk stripes, catering to a variety of tastes. 

Concluding Thoughts 

Styling a curly wig is a journey of creativity and self-expression, offering a chance to redefine your style and radiate confidence through a myriad of unique curly hairstyles. Do you have any other imaginative ideas for styling curly wigs? We invite you to share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below!

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