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Il Ridotto became the first legal casino to operate in the western world when it opened in Venice in 1638. While Il Ridotto was open to the public, it really only catered to the well-to-do. Not only were the stakes far beyond what the average Joe and Jane could afford, but Il Ridotto also enforced a strict dress code. In order to play at the gaming tables, guests were required to wear suits, masks, and three-cornered hats among other things.

The advent of online casinos means that gamblers no longer need to dress like they are auditioning for a role in Eyes Wide Shut. As long as you know how to download 1xbet or any other top sports betting app or a casino app to your mobile device, you can enjoy all the betting and casino gaming action you desire while wearing whatever you want. However, land-based casinos are still associated with glamour, luxury, and fancy dress.

Sure, you might encounter a few shabbily-dressed individuals at a modern casino, but you will also see many fashion-conscious folks clad in high-end designs and eye-catching accessories. Many men wear formal attire like tuxedos and three-piece suits while the women wrap themselves in fancy evening gowns, cocktail dresses, and other luxurious ensembles. Even the dealers, hosts, and other casino employees dress to the nines.

Casinos Inspire Designers

Clothing designers offer a look for every occasion. In fact, casino attire was the theme of a Chanel fashion show in 2015 as it was again a couple of years later at a Moschino show. These and other fashion moguls continue to draw inspiration from casinos. Of course, the outfits they create aren’t solely for wearing at casinos. This type of look is quite flexible. It’s ideal for the red carpet, fine dining, cocktail parties, and anywhere else one wants to make a fashion statement and a strong impression.

Casino Fashion in Films

A lot of people have visions of a suave James Bond in Casino Royale when they think about casino fashion. Even though Bond’s classic black tuxedo is quite simple with its silk peak lapels and silk jetted pockets, it oozes class. Robert DeNiro’s Ace Rothstein character from the movie Casino took casino fashion to a whole new level. He wore over 50 different suits throughout the film, although a few of his combinations were rather garish.

Interestingly, the vibrant lights and contrasting colors found at many casinos have inspired fashion designers. They encourage the combining of monochromatic and high-contrast colors such as those worn by DeNiro in Casino. Just be warned that such a bold look doesn’t work for everyone.

Showgirl Styles

Casinos are best known for their games, but they also have a reputation for offering loads of entertainment like elaborate stage shows. These shows often feature women dressed in tight outfits decorated with things like sequins, feathers, oversized jewelry, and metallic accents. This look has found its way into the mainstream and is particularly noticeable in pop culture. Many female singers feature these fashions in their videos.

Influence on Streetwear

You can witness the influence of casinos on fashion when you walk down the street. Some brands and designers add a casino-inspired twist to casual clothes by incorporating such things as silk, velvet, and flashy sequins. You will also see streetwear with casino-related imagery such as dice, slot machines, and playing cards. This blend of casual and ritzy creates an attractive appearance without being over the top.


Casinos have always been associated with class, luxury, and extravagance. And while dress codes at casinos are generally far more relaxed than they were in 17th-century Venice, a lot of fashion-minded people still like to dress the part. It allows them to project a sense of boldness and elegance. They can feel like James Bond or George Clooney even if it’s just for one night.

One cool thing about casino fashion is that it doesn’t have to be expensive, formal, or uncomfortable. It can be subtly or ostentatiously incorporated into any article of casual clothing including jeans, shirts, and shoes. This means that anyone can add a little casino chic to their everyday attire. Even if you aren’t planning on going to the casino.

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