Latest Kente Styles for Ladies and Engagements

Check out the 30 latest kente styles for ladies to rock engagement events in Nigeria, and Ghana.

There are numerous Kente styles you can explore as a bride-to-be. The Kente fabric can be regarded as one of the most popular fabrics in the African fashion world.

The fabric is popularly worn by Ghanaians and is seen as a traditional outfit. In this collection, we will be taking a look at some gorgeous Kente styles for ladies to rock engagement events.

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In the African setting, our traditional outfits are usually worn by the bride and groom for the engagement ceremony.

Kente Styles for ladies

For example, in the Yoruba culture, the Aso-oke is usually worn, while in the Igbo culture, the George lace is worn.

The Hausa culture of the Nigerian tribe sometimes makes do with the Ankara fabric. Each culture has its own unique style, and Ghanaians are not left out. The Kente fabric is one often worn by Ghanaians for their engagement ceremonies.

kente styles for ladies engagements

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Kente Styles for Ladies: The Origin

The Kente styles for ladies,originate from the Ashanti people of Ghana and is quite a popular fabric in the fashion world.

The fabric is almost similar to the Ankara fabric but different in terms of patterns and creative designs.

sleeveless kente styles for ladies

Just like the Ankara fabric, the Kente fabric can be worn for different purposes and one of these includes being worn by the bride on her engagement day.

It is the dream of every bride to wear a gorgeous outfit on her wedding day and that is why we are bringing you some Kente styles for ladies you can try out.

There are different ways you can go about when it comes to styling your Kente fabric for your engagement.

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However, you should also consider some factors when picking a style. Factors like your body shape, size, the color of your fabric, and so on should be considered to give you a good result.

Beautiful kente style in peach color

In most cases, the Kente fabric is usually styled as a dress for engagement.

You might have to agree with me that gowns are, in some cases, more comfortable to wear than skirts and blouses, and they also help to give you a more stylish look.

However, as I said, the desire of a bride is the most important factor when it comes to her wedding or engagement dress.

If you would like to style your Kente fabric as a skirt or blouse, you can also explore that option.

Styles for Couples

The Kente fabric can be worn by both the bride and groom on their engagement day. What matters is that your outfit sync and that you are also happy with what you are wearing.

Kente styles for couples picture

Wearing an outfit that you like affects your mood and makes you feel confident and happy about yourself.

However, if it’s the opposite, it might make you feel sad on your engagement day and we want to avoid that at all costs.

couples kente style pics

When picking Kente styles for engagement, you should also do well to consider the pattern of your fabric and the appropriate style to choose, as a lot of people often omit this step, which might make an outfit not as beautiful as it ought to be.

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Doing this will help give you a beautiful result. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can style your Kente below:

Kente Dress Styles for Engagement Ceremony

The most popular way of styling your Kente for an engagement ceremony is to style it as a dress.

engagement kente styles
kente styles for engagement
groom and bride kente outfit

The Kente dress gives you a wedding gown vibe and is stylish to wear. The Kente dress for engagement is often designed as a long flowing gown.

engagement gown kente style

However, for the ease of walking and your comfortability, you can make your dress not too long but with a fitted length.

mermaid kente gown

The sleeves of the Kente dress can be designed in different ways, and the most common Kente dress style is the off-shoulder gown.

short sleeve kente engagement wear
gown style for engagement
ladies kente styles

Also with the introduction of corsets into the fashion world, the Kente dress is now being styled like a corset. However, remember to consider the shape of your body before choosing a style.

slim ladies kente styles

You can also add some peplum to the side of your dress to give it a stylish look.

Peplum Style kente gown
peplum gown kente styles for ladies
kente styles for women

If you want a Kente dress that looks unique, you can invent your style and glam it up as much as you want.

However, when being creative with your outfit, make sure to keep it classy and neat.

You don’t want to end up looking ridiculous for combining too many styles. Below are some Kente styles for engagement ceremonies:

Kente Skirt and Blouse Styles For Engagement

The Kente fabric can also be rocked by the bride as a skirt and blouse for the engagement ceremony.

The skirt is often designed as a flare or six-piece skirt while the blouse is designed as a peplum. Below are some Kente skirt and blouse styles for engagement:

Plus size Kente dress styles for engagement.

As a plus-size lady, it can sometimes be difficult when it comes to pick a style. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look stylish.

skirt and blouse kente styles for ladies

As a plus-size lady, you can also rock any of the Kente styles for ladies for your engagement ceremony. You can choose to style your Kente fabric as a skirt and blouse or as a gown.

However, the Kente gown is highly recommended.

Kente skirt and blouse style
skirt and blouse kente styles
kente style skirt and blouse
strap shoulder gown style
Kente styles
plus size women styles

Conclusion on the Latest Kente Styles for Engagement

The fashion world is big and there are different types of styles and fabrics to explore.

Wearing a beautiful outfit influences your mood and makes you feel happy. As a bride-to-be, you should make sure you go all out when it comes to styling your engagement outfit.

What did you think about these picture ideas of Kente styles for ladies? Let’s have your comments!

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