Protective Hairstyles for Natural Hair Any hairdo that conceals your ends to safeguard your hair and lessen damage qualifies as a protective style.

Protective styles protect your natural hair from teasing, pulling, and breakage brought on by manipulation, heat, and the climate.

If your hair is breaking off faster than it grows, then it will never get any longer. Protective styles aim to keep your ends preserved by hiding them away from potential damage

Natural hair is a lovely way to exhibit one’s originality and uniqueness. Numerous imaginative and adaptable hairstyles can enhance the unique texture and attractiveness of your natural hair, regardless of whether you have tight coils, loose curls, or anything in between.

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How to Protect Your Natural Hair

To protect your hair from severe damage, it is necessary to follow these steps. After losing the previous style, it is essential to give the hair a good wash with an excellent natural hair shampoo, followed by deep conditioning, which blends the hair texture, softens the scalp, and retains moisture.

You’ve probably heard about the benefits of wearing a protective style. People can attest that it increases growth unimaginably and prevents hair loss. People with long hair promise they’ll give you longer, stronger hair.

And while the styles don’t make your hair grow, by protecting your ends significantly, if you’ve relaxed your hair or damaged it in other ways, you might retain some of that precious length by preventing breakage.

In this article, we will be exploring a range of stylish and protective hairstyles that you can make with your 4C natural hair.

You should take your hair type, length, and texture into account while selecting the best style. Choosing the proper protective style is essential to promoting the growth and health of your type 4 hair because it is more delicate and prone to breaking.

You may choose the best hairstyle by understanding your hair type, determining your hair goals, and considering what you could do while wearing the style.

Our hair, as black women, defines us primarily, and we need to embrace our hair types, either type 4C, 3C, and so on.

Understand your hair type and what works for it. This is one major thing people lack and can, at times, cause the breakages that we now experience.

Protective hair is now a typical style for ladies; it is highly comfortable, easy to wear, and very classy. Unlike before, when ladies felt uncomfortable wearing their hairdos, things have changed. 

With a neatly made protective style for natural hair, you can grace any event or occasion without wondering what others will say. As a black woman, it is essential to appreciate your hair. 

Different Types of Protective Styles for Natural Hair

In this article, we have 14 types of Protective Styles for Natural Hair. Let’s check it one after the other:

  • Cornrows 

This is a trendy, stylish, and comfortable hairstyle. It’s pretty versatile among all types of hairs and lengths.

In terms of natural hairstyles, cornrows are the most widely used option. Close to the scalp, parallel rows of braids are made in this manner. To create a distinctive appearance, play around with different sizes and patterns.

  • Twists: Protective Hairstyles for Natural Hair

Twist hairstyles are a fantastic way to spice up your look. For a defined and textured look, here are some twists: two-strand twists, flat twists, or even twist-outs.

Try out various sizes and designs to see what works best for you. We get to have braids and crochet, and all the same goes for the twist.

They are lighter and more comfortable to wear, yet they have the same effect.

  • Flat Twists

Flat twists are an everyday hairstyle for women with natural hair. To create these twists, divide your hair in half, then twist each half to rest flat against your scalp.

Extensions are often added to this hairstyle to increase the length and make the twist stay longer without falling out.

This hairstyle is well-maintained and keeps its appearance for days. The flat twist is a trendy look worn during the week and on the weekends. 

  • Two Strand Twists Protective Hairstyles for Natural Hair

The two-strand twist is a popular hairstyle that twists two strands together. It’s a versatile style that may be left undone for a curly appearance or worn straight.

In addition to free-flowing twists, you can wear them in a bun, a ponytail, or a half-up, half-down style to change things up. This style is one of the most versatile protective hairstyles, as it keeps your hair locked in. 

  • Twist-out Protective Styles for Natural Hair

It’s never been simpler to get the ideal twist-out with the correct hair products and a little perseverance.

The secret to creating this unique hairstyle is planning your hair part and twist orientation.

For holding on to texture and moisture, this look is ideal. Twists are a fantastic protective style that encourages healthy hair, but they are also adorable when worn by themselves and as a style after you have taken them out, known as a “twist out.”

  • Bantu knots

Everything from the 1990s is back in vogue, including this protective appearance. Your hair is styled by being divided into pieces, and then those sections are twisted around one another to create tiny knots all over the head.

This protective style is wearable for up to two weeks or more, and after the fallout, you can create another stylish look with the curls to give it a “Bantu Knot Out.”

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  • Two-strand braid Protective Styles for Natural Hair

A trendy hairstyle known as a “double Dutch braid” involves creating two Dutch braids, one on each side of the head.

For a more detailed look in this style, extensions are added to make it easy to wrap around the back of the head. 

Its versatile style allows it to be dressed up for formal occasions or down for everyday use. Try accessorizing this hairstyle with beads, curls, clips, and other fancy accessories. 

  • Loose Braids

Braid is not just a protective style. It helps with the growth and retention of the texture of the hair in excellent ways.

Braiding hair is effortless and helps to maintain the length of the hair. This is one of the everyday hairdos nowadays, especially as running away from the high attachment cost. 

Loose Braids Protective Hairstyles for Natural Hair
  • Simple Cornrow Protective Styles for Natural Hair  

The simple braided cornrows are a very classy protective hairdo that makes it convenient and easy to carry around, just as the name implies.

They are very different styles, easy to maintain, and easy to lose when the time comes. A simple cornrow can be rocked under wigs for girls who only like to wear wigs. Keep neatly braided cornrows for working women, especially mothers.

Simple Cornrow Protective Styles for Natural Hair
  • Flat Twist Cornrows 

A flat twist is simply braiding the hair down in flats. It is unique protective hair, but trust me, it always looks good.

Protective Hairstyles for Natural Hair A flat twist braid is unfamiliar, but it is just the hair you need to start your protective hair journey.

The beauty of protective styles is that they can be made in many ways, depending on what you’re going for.

This gives a new face to flat twists aside from the regular ones; we see the cornrows are a great alternative to subtitle other styles.

Flat Twist Cornrows Protective Styles for Natural Hair
  • Wool Protective Styles for Natural Hair

Wool is not as common as it used to be, but it is the most traditional form of protective hair. Nowadays, people go as far as using various colors to make their hair.

Wool is a very cultural hairstyle. It is made by gently dividing the hair in half and using wool to straighten the hair.

The feeling you get after completing a wool project can be compared to anything. Try diversifying this style by making various other options we’ll be sharing with you. 

Wool Protective Styles for Natural Hair
  • Crochet 

If you are looking for the most effortless hair to make, consider crocheting. It is one of the best hairstyles to make as it can be styled in many ways, such as bun, side ponytail, sleek back ponytail, and so much more.

The crochet is a style made by using a crochet pin and locking it into the hair. Crochet is lightweight and can be made on any hair type, either relaxed or natural. 

  • Fulani Braids 

Fulani braids give this arewa vibe that one needs and come out well. Ladies adorn it with beads, pins, and so much more.

This braid is made by weaving the front part of the hair and then adding braids at the back. People also refer to this as a two-step. 

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  • Simple Bun Protective Styles for Natural Hair

At times, pack your hair in simple buns to let fresh hair into the scalp. The simple bun can be an updo or a sleek back ponytail.

To make an extra effort, addons such as detachable ponytails or accessories can be used.

Simple Bun Protective Styles for Natural Hair

Protective Hairstyles for Natural Hair (Conclusion)

Protective hairs should not be restricted to just natural hairs. Even relaxed hairs should be explored, making protective hairs more often.

The thirst for healthy hair isn’t just for natural hair. It should be something everyone embraces more.

Hair-making is a significant aspect of our entire look, and we need to always tick all the boxes before going out.

If you have been looking for a style to make, I’ve selected some simple and easy hairstyles that will give you that stylish look. Stay tuned to this article to choose from our options.

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