Reasons why meggings are essential

It’s a scene we’re all too familiar with: You’re sitting in front of your luggage with a pile of clothes, trying to decide what to bring on your next trip. After about an hour, you’re stuck trying to fit unnecessary things into your suitcase!

It’s true that no matter where you’re going or how long your getaway will last, the thought of packing is never fun. There are just so many items to put in your bag, from toiletries to clothing and everything in between.

The best way to combat this kind of stress is to be creative about it without having to compromise style and comfort. This is where meggings, also known as men’s leggings, men’s athletic tights, or men’s compression pants, come in. Joining the ranks as one of the “in” items in men’s fashion, meggings have now become a packing essential.

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What are Meggings?

Meggings are a type of men’s leggings that are made from stretchy fabrics like nylon or spandex. They’re made to look like a tight-fitting pair of pants or compression shorts and have become popular among men who want to be both stylish and comfortable when traveling. 

Here are some reasons why you should bring meggings on your next trip, too:

7 Reasons to Pack Meggings

1. They are easy to pack with minimal wrinkling.

Have you ever found yourself scrambling to pack for a trip when you realized your pants wouldn’t fit in your suitcase? Or have you had to go out and buy a new pair of pants because the ones you had packed got wrinkled beyond recognition? 

The dilemma of fit and wrinkles is one that men, women, and children alike face every day. But with meggings, this problem could be a thing of the past. The stretchy fabric of compression clothing is resistant to wrinkles. This makes packing easier because you can pack a suitcase full of men’s workout tights without having to worry about wrinkles; you can fit more in a suitcase with wrinkle-free clothes!

Just roll your  performance leggings (and compression shirt, if you have one!) up and stuff them in your suitcase. They will come out looking great and ready to be worn without any touch-ups. On the plus side, you’ll be able to leave plenty of space in your bag for souvenirs once you’re ready to go home.

2. They are great for layering in colder climates.

Weather in some countries can be too cold for shorts but not cool enough for jeans. Bulkier pants like cargo pants or chinos will work in these places, but they aren’t going to be much of a fashion statement in many regions. 

Warm leggings for men are the perfect solution for your packing needs because they allow you to layer without looking bulky or feeling constricted. They are like men’s warm-up pants, which help trap heat and keep your legs warm on chilly days but allow your legs to breathe when the temperature warms up. Short meggings are also great if you want some extra coverage on your upper thigh, which is useful if you plan on doing a lot of hiking.

3. They can be dressed up or down.

It’s just as easy to pair men’s fleece leggings with a blazer, tie, and button-down as it is to pair them with a graphic t-shirt and sneakers. When you’re out exploring a new city, wearing a pair of warm leggings for men gives you more options than jeans, pants, or shorts would because they can be worn with any number of outfits, from business casual to party wear.

Tip: When shopping for men’s warm up pants, there are two important things to consider: style and fit. The style should match up with your personal sense of fashion, but the fit should be similar to what you’d expect from other garments in your closet like jeans or khakis.

4. They can be worn in the water and dry quickly after getting wet.

The synthetic material in meggings prevents them from absorbing moisture, so they dry quickly after getting wet. That means you don’t have to deal with a wet crotch when you get out of the pool. This also makes them ideal for water sports such as surfing and swimming.

5. They come in a variety of styles and colors that will flatter any body type.

Some brands, such as Kapow Meggings, offer argyle or plaid designs, just like those of your favorite pair of jeans. There are also those that offer performance leggings with prints like camouflage or bright colors. Some even feature darker washes or distressed details that give you the grungy look without actually having to wear dirty or ripped-up clothes. They also come in different lengths so you can find one that fits your needs!

6. They are good for working out and other athletic activities.

Generally, compression clothing is beneficial for anyone who does high-impact exercises like running or jumping rope. Men’s athletic tights or compression workout pants compress your muscles while you exercise to improve performance and reduce muscle fatigue.

They can also help prevent injury by reducing muscle vibration and shock, which is especially important for sprinters or cyclists. Pair your workout compression pants with a compression shirt and you’re good to go!

7. They are durable.

The materials that make up meggings make it easy for them to maintain their shape through multiple washes without losing elasticity. They’ll hold up to wear and tear better than most fabrics on the market today. In addition, men’s fleece leggings feature reinforced stitching at stress points like waistbands so they don’t rip after just one wear.

Takeaway – Why Meggings Are Essential

At the end of the day, meggings are ideal for travel because they are highly functional and versatile. They transition easily from day to night and can be worn in multiple settings. Besides being comfortable, they enable you to spend less time worrying about packing and more time exploring local shops and beaches.

Meggings are now getting the recognition they deserve and they are now here to stay on top of the trends. Men’s compression pants are becoming all the rage right now, so you’re fashion-forward no matter where you’re traveling. From the streets of Paris to the jungles of South America, meggings will keep you looking slick and feeling comfy!


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