Simple hairstyles for Nigerian ladies are a fashion component that enhances facial beauty and goes well with one’s attire. When it comes to hairstyles for ladies, there are different options to explore, which would make them look more attractive.

Simple hairstyles for ladies can be done in a variety of styles, ranging from cornrows, braids, Ghana weaving, 4C natural hairstyles, twists, and lots more. 

Simple Hairstyles for Nigerian Ladies
Simple Hairstyles for Nigerian Ladies

For this article, we will be looking at 50 Simple Hairstyles for Ladies in Nigeria. Simplicity is what a lot of ladies prefer, and being simple does not mean a lady can’t be classy as well. 

The hairstyles provided below can be adopted in different lengths, hair colors, or textures depending on your preference.

Simple Hairstyles for Nigerian Ladies

Now, let’s talk about the 50 Simple Hairstyles for Nigerian Ladies. Let’s take it one after the other:

  • Cornrows

This hairstyle is done on the back of the head. Locally, it’s called All Back, but now it comes in different styles and all sorts of uniqueness that would make a lady look as dazzling as ever.

Your cornrows can also be done with curly layers at the front, making it easy for you to style and manage.

Cornrows that is the Simple Hairstyles for Nigerian Ladies
Cornrows that is the Simple Hairstyles for Nigerian Ladies
  • Braids 

Braid is a cool hairstyle where you divide your hair into sections and weave them together. It’s like creating a woven pattern with your hair.

Braids can be done in different styles and designs, like French curl braids, Box braids, Stitch braids, Goddess braids, Fulani braids, and lots more.

They’re a popular choice for people who want a stylish and unique look.

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Braids Simple Hairstyles for Nigerian Ladies
  • French Curl Braids 

French curl braids, sometimes referred to as French twist braids are a type of braided hairstyle in which the hair is spirally twisted. Like a twisted or curled rope, it provides a lovely and elegant appearance.

The braids, which begin at the top of the head and continue downward, give the wearer a chic and refined appearance. It can also be made as layered curly braids to give it a more exciting look.

When you want to add a little glitz to your hairdo or for special occasions, it’s a sophisticated option.

You can add extra beauty to these braids by styling them as free-flowing, ponytails or wrapped crowns, or any other style of your choice. Simple Hairstyles for Nigerian Ladies.

French Curl Braids Simple Hairstyles for Nigerian Ladies
  • Stitch Braids

Small hair portions are braided near the scalp in a braided hairstyle called a stitched braid. The braids are done in a cross-cross design or straight-lined designs, giving them a tidy and detailed appearance. It’s a fantastic option for individuals who choose a more manageable and compact pattern.

  • Goddess Braids 

This is a little bit complex hairstyle. To achieve this style, large, thick, and symmetrical braids must be placed close to the scalp and curls are added to the majority of the strands.

To give the braids a more goddess-like aspect Simple Hairstyles for Nigerian Ladies, they are frequently adorned with beads, cuffs, or other beautiful items.

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  • Fulani Braids 

This is one of the most popular hairstyles in Nigeria and this style is parted at the front in different patterns, sometimes it’s made as Fulani Boho Braids.

This style below is one of the trendy styles that has given a lot of ladies dazzling and enhanced their appearance.

  • Ghana Weaving 

Ghana weaving has been a hairdo that has been in existence since the old days and it’s still a trendy and beautiful hairstyle for all ladies to make Simple Hairstyles for Nigerian Ladies.

It can be done by plaiting brown braids to the back and can be more elegant by making styled patterns in the front of the hair.

  • Ghana weaving Updo

This style is another form of Ghana weaving but it’s done upwards. Locally this style is called Shuku and it can be made to look more fashionable by wrapping it in a bun, as a ponytail, and any other style of choice. 

Ghana weaving Updo Simple Hairstyles for Nigerian Ladies
  • Micro Twists 

This style is commonly made by our 4C natural hair queens. It’s long-lasting and light on the head. It’s very simple to style in a variety of ways and promotes hair growth. 

Micro Twists Simple Hairstyles for Nigerian Ladies
  • Micro Twist with Extensions 

This style is made in very tiny bits of twist and hair extensions are added to the tips to give it more length and more exciting hair colours.

This brown hair micro twist was made with kinky extensions giving the hair a more exciting view. 

Micro Twist with Extensions Simple Hairstyles for Nigerian Ladies
  • Crochet hairstyles 

Crotchet hairstyles, also known as crochet braids, are a type of protective hairstyle where hair extensions are attached to the natural hair using a crochet needle.

The extensions are looped through the hair to create various styles such as curls, twists, or braids Simple Hairstyles for Nigerian Ladies.

It’s a versatile and low-maintenance option that allows for creativity and protects the natural hair.

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  • Brown colored Crochet twist

The hairstyle is originally known as an extension of natural hair. It can also be found in different colors and lengths depending on the lady’s variety. This style can be uniquely styled in different ways.

Brown colored Crochet twist Simple Hairstyles for Nigerian Ladies
  • Long Twist Styles

This is a popular and low-maintenance hairdo that requires twisting sections of the hair from the roots it the ends with extensions added to it to create long and elegant twists.

It can be left loose across the shoulder styled as half-up and half-down or accessorized with beads or extra curls. This hairstyle is a good option for a protective hairdo. 

  • Invisible Locs

Also known as Faux Locs. This type of hairstyle is where synthetic or human hair is wrapped around the natural hair to create the appearance of dreadlocksSimple Hairstyles for Nigerian Ladies.

The purpose of this style is to hide the natural hair to give the illusion of real look. It is a great hairstyle to recreate for those who would like to try out dreadlocks but don’t want to go for the permanent one.

Invisible Locs Simple Hairstyles for Nigerian Ladies
  • Shaped Braids 

This is a commonly done braids style that is shaped right from the root and comes in a variety of shapes such as Box braids, Triangle braids, and Knotless braids. 

Shaped Braids Simple Hairstyles for Nigerian Ladies
  • Box Braids 

This style is cut out in box-like shapes around the scalp of the hair and it is stylishly done with coloured or black extensions added to the natural hair.

The box braids can be made in different sizes either in small or big sizes or different lengths. It’s important to duly note that braid styles can be accessorized with curls, beads and lots more.

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  • Triangle Braids 

This is another type of shaped braid that is cut in triangle shapes. And made in different shapes sizes and cuts. Below are triangle-shaped braids. 

  • Bohemian Styles

Hairstyles for bohemians frequently embrace a casual, unforced appearance. These popular hairstyles include loose waves, braids, and unkempt updos.

For added boho appeal, accessorize with feathers, headbands, or flowers. It all comes down to appreciating the natural texture of your hair and giving your look a dash of playfulness.

  • Bohemian Cornrows

This style as already said earlier is a messy loose weave that makes the hair look good and enhances the beauty in amazing ways. 

  • Bohemian Updo braids

This style is done in a messy bun in an updo state, locally known as shuku. This hairstyle can also be styled in different pattern cuts and sizes. 

  • Afro Puff Hairstyle 

For natural hair, afro puff hairstyles are a fashionable and adaptable choice. By pulling your hair back into a ponytail and fastening it with a hair tie, you may get a high or low puff.

You can fluff out the puff or use a tool to lift the roots to enhance volume. It’s a quick and stylish way to embrace your afro texture and show off your natural curls.

  • Cornrow Afro Puff Hairstyle

Cornrow Afro Puff is a trendy and stylish hairstyle that combines cornrows with a high or low bun.

It involves creating cornrows on the sides or all over the head and then gathering the remaining hair into a bun Simple Hairstyles for Nigerian Ladies.

It’s a great protective style that keeps your hair off your face while adding a touch of elegance.

  • Halo Braids

Halo braids are a beautiful and ethereal hairstyle where braids are created in a circular pattern around the head, resembling a halo.

It’s a versatile style that can be worn for both casual and formal occasions. The halo braids add a touch of elegance and can be accessorized with flowers or other hair accessories for a bohemian flair.

  • Bantu knots 

The gorgeous hairstyle known as a Bantu knot originated in Africa. The hair is divided into sections, and each segment is then twisted into a tiny knot next to the scalp.

Bantu knots can either be undone to produce lovely curls or worn as a fun and whimsical style. Anyone can pull off this stylish and adaptable style!

  • Shaped Bantu Knots styles 

There are various types of shapes and styles of this hairstyle that can be made. It requires less to little trouble. And it makes the hairstyle look more appealing and adorable.

  • Box Shaped Bantu-style

This style is done in a box-like or square shape, which is visibly seen on the scalp of the hairdo. This style entices attraction to the hair and has its special uniqueness. 

  • Two Strand Twist

A common hairdo is the two-strand twist, which involves twisting two pieces of hair together. It’s a flexible style that may be worn straight or undone for a curly appearance. Try it and wear those fashionable twists.

  • Twisted crown 

A lovely hairstyle known as the “twisted crown” involves twisting and wrapping the hair around the head to resemble a crown.

It’s a chic and sophisticated design that can be worn both at special events and daily. Try it out and enjoy wearing your twisted crown like a queen.

  • Slicked back style

The slicked-back style is a trendy and polished hairstyle where the hair is combed back and held in place with gel or pomade.

It gives a sleek and sophisticated look that’s perfect for formal events or a stylish everyday look.

  • Stitched Twisted Crown Style

this style is obtained by making cornrow stitches to add more beauty to the hair and give it a sophisticated look effortlessly.

  • Dutch braids 

Dutch braids are a fashionable and adaptable hairstyle in which two pieces of hair are braided together close to the scalp. They are also referred to as “reverse French braids” since the strands are crossed beneath rather than over.

Dutch braids can be worn in a variety of ways, including as two braids or in a half-up style, and they are ideal for keeping your hair neat and out of your face. Give them a shot to rock the current Dutch braid style

  • Natural Hair Dutch Style 

Sure! The natural hair Dutch style is a beautiful way to embrace your natural texture while rocking Dutch braids. It involves braiding your hair in the same technique as Dutch braids but with your natural hair texture. 

  • Dutch braids with curls 

Curls and Dutch braids look lovely together. Create Dutch braids in the front of your head to start, and then let the rest of your hair fall naturally in lovely curls. It’s a great method to give your braided hairdo more dimension and texture.

  • Double Dutch braids 

Double Dutch braids are a fashionable hairstyle in which two Dutch braids are made, one on each side of the head. It’s an adaptable design that can be dressed up for formal occasions or worn for casual outings.

  • Mohawk braids 

Mohawk braids are a bold and edgy hairstyle where you create braids in the center of your head, resembling a mohawk. It’s a unique and eye-catching look that can be customized to your preference, whether you want tight and sleek braids or loose and textured ones.

  • Side braids

Side braids are a stylish and versatile hairstyle where you create braids on one side of your head. It’s a great way to add a touch of elegance and interest to your look. You can opt for a single side braid or even multiple braids for a more intricate style.

  • Side braids with patterns

this side braid is such a very good look for a lady who wants to try out new styles and it works well for both casual and formal occasions, making them a go-to choice for many. Give it a try and rock those fabulous side braids. 

  • Crosshatch hairstyle

Crosshatch hairstyle is a unique and creative look where you create a crisscross pattern with your hair.

It involves sectioning your hair and weaving it in a way that creates a grid-like pattern. It’s a fun and intricate style that can be customized to your preference. 

  • Colored Crosshatch Hairstyle

This involves trying out colorful extensions on the cross-hatch style. You can experiment with different colors or accessories to make it even more eye-catching. Give it a try and rock that cross-hatch hairstyle with confidence. 

  • Ponytail braids

Ponytail braids are a wonderful fusion of traditional hairstyles. By keeping your hair up and out of your face while also adding a dash of beauty with braids, they provide the best of all worlds.

  • Ponytail braids with bangs

By braiding your hair and keeping it up and out of your face, they provide the best of both worlds.

From casual trips to formal gatherings, this style is adaptable and suitable for all settings. Rock those gorgeous ponytail braids by giving it a shot.

  • Half up half down hairstyle

Many people prefer half-up, half-down hairstyles because they give them the best of both worlds. While keeping your hair out of your face, you can still enjoy the beauty of your flowing locks.

Simple Hairstyles for Nigerian Ladies (Conclusion):

Throughout this exploration of “50 Simple Hairstyles for Nigerian Ladies”, we’ve witnessed the beauty and diversity inherent in Nigerian culture.

These hairstyles, ranging from braids to updos, not only signify elegance but also pay homage to a rich cultural heritage.

The “Simple Hairstyles for Nigerian Ladies” we’ve discussed are not just a testament to fashion but an embodiment of identity, simplicity, and versatility.

Whether you’re looking for an everyday look or something for a special occasion, there’s something in this list that captures the spirit and essence of Nigerian beauty.

Choosing any of these hairstyles will ensure you’re connected to tradition while flaunting a chic, contemporary style.

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