12 Inspiring Burgundy Hair Color Ideas to rock

Burgundy hair color has long been sought after for its luxurious hues that add warmth and a modern, feminine touch to any hairstyle.

In 2024, this classic fall hair color trend is still as popular as ever, but brave innovators have brought it to a whole new level. Suppose you’re looking for something subtle and elegant; soft, matte rose shades or intricate auburn highlights can be the perfect option. Or perhaps you’d like to embrace the widely popular deep hues with playful undertones that have taken the haircare world by storm.

Whatever the look you envision for your new hairstyle, this comprehensive guide will help you find the best burgundy hair color ideas to own the stage in 2024.

Why Choose Burgundy Hair Color?

Burgundy is more than just a small detail—it can transform any look. Its warmth and vibrancy give it a modern feel yet keep things conservative enough to accommodate any dress code.

For anyone wanting to make an impact without going too bold, it’s an ideal choice. But why pick burgundy for hair color specifically? Here are a few reasons:

Complementing Different Skin Tones:

One of the great advantages of burgundy is its ability to complement various skin tones. Unlike some hair colors that are limited in their suitability, burgundy can look stunning on individuals with warm, cool, or neutral undertones.

It’s all about finding the right shade within the burgundy spectrum to enhance your natural beauty.

Not Too Bold, but Still Eye-Catching: 

If you don’t want to hide your hair color under a hat or opt for an all-encompassing ombré look, burgundy is the right choice.

It can be both subtle and eye-catching—as muted or bold as you want it to be—so it’s a great choice for those who want to go the extra mile without being too daring.

Versatile and Low Maintenance:

Burgundy hair is also very easy to maintain. You should check out the latest hairstyles for ladies in Nigeria, as most shades look great in all types of lengths, from shorter styles to long locks, making it a truly versatile option. Additionally, the color holds well between dyeing sessions and looks vibrant for longer. What’s not to love? 

Express your personality:

Your hair color can be a reflection of your personality, and burgundy offers a wide range of options to help you express yourself.

Whether you want to exude confidence with a deep wine-red hue or showcase your playful side with a vibrant berry hue, burgundy can be customized to match your unique style. 

12 Burgundy Hair Color Ideas for 2024 

Now that you’re aware of the extraordinary benefits that crisp burgundy adds to your hair, it’s time to take action.

If you’ve been seeking new color inspiration and want to switch things up this upcoming year, familiarize yourself with these 12 stunning burgundy hair color ideas that are in style in 2024.

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#1. Mid-Length Burgundy Waves on Dark Hair

Burgundy Hair Color ideas - Mid-Length Burgundy Waves on Dark Hair

Let’s start this classic list off with a timeless look: dark-haired women sporting burgundy locks at mid-length. Showing off a bold appearance while being subtle enough for any occasion, the waves add texture and additional dimension as they move throughout your hair.

Not to mention, this particular look requires minimal maintenance since it only requires negligible amounts of styling. So, regardless of whether you are an officer or on a night out with friends, be sure your look will turn more than a few heads.

#2. Burgundy Ombre Hair

Burgundy Hair Color ideas - Ombre hair

It might just be the most popular style of all: ombre hair. This two-tone look features darker roots that quickly transition to lighter ends, and it looks best when completed with a deep burgundy shade. Whether you prefer lightening locks subtly or want a dramatic color transformation in one appointment, there’s no question that this timeless style is worth trying out! 

#3. Dip-Dyed Burgundy Highlights

Burgundy Hair Color ideas - dip dyed burgundy

Are you looking for an eye-catching yet low-maintenance hairstyle that won’t require too much upkeep? The famous dip-dyed look may be right for you! As embraced by the stunning Taraji P. Henson, this hairstyle features bolder burgundy hues at the ends and around the face while maintaining a natural tone throughout your hair.

With this hairstyle, you’ll be able to catch people’s attention and maximize impact with minimal effort. It might just be the cherry on top of any ensemble you create!

#4. Bright Black Raspberry Hair

Burgundy Hair Color ideas - rapsberry hair

When every black and red hairstyle looks somewhat the same, this one is here to shake things up with its unique hue. We’re talking about bright black raspberry hair—a complex mix of black and burgundy that creates an eye-catching look you can’t help staring at.

It’s alluring, for sure, and it’ll get even more attention when you add some curls or waves to the mix. Whether you want to wear your hair up or down, this color will be the perfect addition to any hairstyle. Make sure you prepare yourself for all the compliments that are about to come pouring in! 

#5. Gorgeous Dark Burgundy Hair

Gorgeous dark

Give yourself that look of envy with a gorgeous dark burgundy hue! Featured in this photo, this subtle hue will look beautiful on any skin tone. Moreover, you can easily style it into a stunning hairdo.

While bringing out the most vibrant hue might be tempting, sometimes the best looks require simplicity. This dark shade of burgundy is a perfect example—subtly captivating yet not overpowering. So, don’t wait any longer! Try out this look. You won’t regret it!

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#6. Muted Burgundy Wine Hair

muted burgundy wine hair

Are you a wine lover? If you’re looking to match your favorite drink with your mane, muted burgundy hair is a stunning way to do so. This muted hue will create an elegant color palette that catches the eye and opens the door to a flurry of compliments.

Don’t just take our word; try the look for yourself and experience a subtle yet striking shade that is sure to make a statement. No matter your preferred style, be it wavy or straight, your hair will be hard to miss! Update to a muted burgundy and allow those locks to speak for themselves.

#7. Burgundy Purple Curls

purple curl

The curly hair trend is definitely here to stay! When it comes to adding a touch of uniqueness to your style, burgundy purple can easily do the trick. By blending together the shades of red and purple, you’ll get an unforgettable, head-turning look.

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Opt for a medium-sized curling iron for your thicker locks to make sure that the color comes out as immaculate as possible. It’ll guarantee a swift result while keeping a tight grip on the curls! Now go on, show off that dazzling mane, and rock it with unshakeable confidence!

#8. Blackberry Burgundy Waves

blackberry burgundy waves

Fashion-savvy ladies are already raving about the ‘blackberry hair’ trend. Any woman looking to make a statement should try this dark and mysterious shade! It may not be clear exactly which shade ‘blackberry’ is, but this stylish hue is sure to dominate and take the fashion scene by storm.

The enigmatic blackberry burgundy will create an edgy look that pairs elegantly with any ensemble. For a uniquely sophisticated appearance, master the art of crafting loose curls and effortlessly natural highlights to show off the blackberry color. Now’s the perfect time for you to make your Blackberry statement – stand out in any social setting with this new trend!

#9. Plum Burgundy Hair Color

plum color

Every woman who wants to savor her moment in the spotlight should go for the sublime plum burgundy hue. This daring wine shade, as dark as a raisin’s skin, is sure to rev up your inner glam. Enhance it further by styling lush curls marked with lighter ombre waves.

A rotation of your curling iron or wand delivers captivating texture and natural dimension to trendy ends. Any special occasion or weekend gathering calls for this feathery entourage that radiates self-confidence and major acclaim! Step forward and declare your luxurious plum burgundy! All eyes will definitely admire your exquisite charm!

 #10. Fierce Burgundy Waves

fierce burgundy waves

Are you ready to shake up your hair game? Try this fierce burgundy wave and make a fashion statement. With an intense and vibrant shade, you can express your unique style and keep it wild and sexy with daring volume throughout each strand.

Put your curling iron or wand to work and give yourself a bold makeover! Structured for any social setting, this deliberate style stands out from the rest. Let your locks do the talking and embrace a new look to confidently live each moment. Be the trendsetter you deserve to be, upping your style with a fierce burgundy wave.

#11. Burgundy Long Box Braids

Burgundy Hair Color ideas - long box braids

Are you looking for a timeless look that emits strength and grace? Look no further, and the trendy burgundy long-box braids are here! Flaunted by fans of Keke Palmer, this look radiates a regal aura. Women blessed with medium- to thick hair can easily recreate this look. This hairstyle is weaved from root to tip for a traditional yet modern display.

Feel the freedom as the box braids turn heads with intensity. Lead in Keke Palmer’s footsteps and charm the crown with a bold style.

Let these box braids frame your face with grace and style as they bring forth tranquility and poise. Dare to be daring and stand out with a fashionable hairstyle that expresses beauty and class.

#12. Burgundy Brown Hair

Burgundy Hair Color ideas -brown

Last but definitely not least is a timeless look featuring effortless elegance. Let burgundy brown hair exude a soft, subtle sparkle that will take any woman’s style to the next level.

With just the right balance of warm and cool dazzle, this burgundy paint finish is perfect for someone looking to experiment with their style without making a major statement.

Utilize a variety of antidotal styling such as half-ups, beachy waves, subtly defined curls, or keep it sleek for a concrete poise. This entices a plethora of chance variations to transform even the simplest of maneuvers into thinking outside of the box.

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Burgundy Hair Color Ideas In a Nutshell

We hope this blog post inspired you to consider trying a beautiful burgundy hair color trend in 2024. Whether you are looking to go bold with a deep mahogany hue or subtly refresh your look with an auburn wash, there are many versatile and exciting burgundy shades to explore.

Deep reds, purples, and mauves can bring out the beauty of your natural tones while boosting any hairstyle. Whether you choose to dye your natural hair or get a burgundy wig. Choosing the right hue for your skin tone is an important part of getting the perfect color for you.

Remember to leave the dyeing technique to the professionals in order to safely use at-home colors. So why wait? Get ready for the new year and make 2024 your own by rocking one of these amazing burgundy hair color ideas!

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