palazzo trousers

The Palazzo trousers have never been out of fashion. Due to their fabric and cut, they are excellent solutions for a stylish outfit in hot weather.

In this post, we gonna talk deeply about the Palazzo pant. It’s meaning, types, History, and other characteristics.

Also, for guys willing to know how to rock it, the trick is to wear palazzo pants with a nice-looking dress or formal shirt to make your whole outfit look formal.

You can also go and try to wear black palazzo pants with white lacy formal shirts to work or the office. Check out the best tops for ladies.

Everyone can wear Palazzo pants, actually perfect for your body type as the flowy nature of the garment helps you hide those thighs you are so conscious of.

What Are Palazzo Trousers?

Palazzo pants are long women’s trousers cut with a loose, extremely wide leg that flares out from the waist.

Palazzo Trousers

Palazzo trousers are popular as a summer season style, as they are loose and tend to be flattering in light, flowing fabrics that are breathable in hot weather.

One of the best materials for your palazzo is the crepe fabric, silk, and other natural fiber textiles are popular fabrics for this design.

How To Wear Palazzo Pants With Other Outfits?

Before we continue, Here are some tips to keep in mind regarding palazzo trousers you should know:

  • Pair your trousers with shorts or crop tops for a cute look.
  • There are several colors to choose from.
    Go for bold and dark colors to pair with light-colored tops.
  • Embellished and stylish pants can make for a great statement outfit.
  • These pants can be used to create casual, sporty as well as formal looks.
  • Printed pants can look great with plain tops. While you can go for plain pants to pair with printed tops.

The History Of Palazzo Pant

Palazzo trousers for women first became a popular trend in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

The style was reminiscent of the wide-legged cuffed trousers worn by some women fond of avant-garde fashions in the 1930s and 1940s.

Particularly actresses such as Katharine Hepburn, Greta Garbo, and Marlene Dietrich.

palazzo trousers

In the recent past, the palazzo has found considerable favor among Bengali women, particularly aunties who have accorded it their very exclusive seal of approval.

Palazzo trousers flare out evenly from the waist to the ankle and are therefore different from bellbottoms, which are snug until they flare out from the knee.

Palazzo trousers are also not to be confused with Gaucho trousers, which only extend down to mid-calf length. 

Harem pants are yet another loose style, but they have a snug cuff around the ankles.

Types Of Palazzo Trousers For Comfortable And Enduringly Chic Look

In Fashion design, there are 26 types of Palazzo Pants for a relaxed & trendy Look. Let get started. And we gonna explain part of it with a perfect picture.

  1. Layered Palazzo
  2. Pocket Palazzo
  3. Denim
  4. Skirt Look
  5. Tassel Palazzo
  6. Tiered Palazzo
  7. Formal Palazzo
  8. Slited
  9. Straight Palazzo
  10. Tie Side
  11. Belt Palazzo
  12. Culottes
  13. Foldover Palazzo
  14. Double Layered Palazzo
  15. Flared
  16. Bootcut Palazzo
  17. Bordered Palazzo
  18. Dhoti Palazzo
  19. Side Slit
  20. High Slit Palazzo
  21. Ruffled Palazzo
  22. Wrap
  23. Pleated Palazzo
  24. Tuck Palazzo
  25. Wrap Front Palazzo
  26. Sheer Palazzo Pants

Layered Palazzo Trousers

palazzo trousers

The layered palazzo has two fabrics attached to it. The style is unique and offbeat. It’s an apt option to add contrast to your traditional wear.

Pocket Palazzo Trousers

palazzo trousers

The pocket palazzos form a flare and come with pockets on both sides. These pants flatter and would flaunt your style easily.

Skirt Look Palazzo

palazzo trousers

The skirt like palazzo pants have more flare than usual pants which makes it appear like a skirt.

The designs send out style statement featuring a contrast to the whole new look.

Denim Palazzo

palazzo trousers

The denim palazzo comes with comfort and is designed with denim fabric. The flare at the bottom makes the pants look ravishing and is an absolute choice to style up.

Tassel Palazzo Trouser

The tassel palazzo pants besides being a beaut take away the attention to the tassels of the pants. The different touch of these pants makes it a choice to own for every woman.

Tiered Palazzo

palazzo trousers

The tiered palazzo pants have a level like designs at the bottom. This style just adds up more glam to your top styles and is a choice to say yes to due to its amazing fashion call.

Formal Palazzo

palazzo trousers

Just like the name says, the formal palazzo is designed to give an office look. They are an apt choice for 9 to 5 time and they give a sharp appearance without fail. Bring out the smart end look with this style.

Slitted Palazzo

palazzo trousers

The slitted palazzos usually come with a slit that adds on to the latest style statement. They are a bang on to stun everyone with their look.

Straight Palazzo

palazzo trousers

The straight palazzo pants fall parallel to the leg length with a flare in the end. They are a suitable choice to go with your A-line Kurtis or tunics as they swear to jazz up your traditional style with it.

Tie Side Palazzo

palazzo trousers

The tie side palazzo has tie-ups on the side to just add more to the style or for tightening the pants. The details of these pants give a highly coveted casual look.

Belt Palazzo

palazzo trousers

The belted palazzo pants are usually designed with belts on the waist line. The detail looks modish and is a trendy choice to adorn in the fashion call.


palazzo trousers

The culottes are shorter in length and have a flare design. The features of the culottes pants present a contemporary look and also exhibit trendsetting appeal.

It’s a decision to make and is a sure-shot way-to-go style.

Foldover Palazzo

Foldover pant

The foldover palazzo pants are designed with folds. These palazzo pants can knack up your casual style points and it speaks for subtle designs.

The modern touch of it is a true feel to the look.

Double Layered Palazzo

Double Layered pant

The double-layered palazzo pants are designed on two levels. The different lengths of these pants make it quite uber cool.

Team this style with the right combination that offers a fabulous poised look in the end.

Flared Palazzo

Flared pant

The flared palazzo has a fair flare that makes the pants quite breezy.

These pants rule the fashion and the flowy design can add the spark of confidence to your look with its popular style game.

Bootcut Palazzo

Bootcut pant

The bootcut palazzo differs in the style at the bottom. Its bootcut rather than it being flare design.

These palazzos are comfortably chic and they highlight the inner diva with its wonders.

Bordered Palazzo

Bordered pant

The bordered palazzo pants have a borderline beneath at the bottom. The pants are simple yet have a sophisticated touch to it.

The bordered palazzo pants will stay put with you.

Dhoti Palazzo Pants

Dhoti Palazzo Pants

The dhoti palazzo pants are tapered at the bottom but flare at the top. The dhoti pants are the rescuer to club with traditional outfits and not run to the tailors always.

They have the ability to bring in attention.

Side Slit Palazzo


Infuse elegance in your style with side slit palazzo pants. With slit on both sides, these pants can inject a fashion dose to your look and the chic pair is up for your everyday look.

High Slit Palazzo


The High Slit palazzo features a thigh-high design. The slit on these pants is extended and it makes the legs look appear sassy.

These pants add a modern allure featuring the design.

Ruffled Palazzo


Looking to add some drama to the look? The ruffled palazzo pants are your cue to do this combination.

The style is irresistible and the range is quite delightful. A splendid choice made in the fashion heaven.

Wrap Palazzo

Wrap Palazzo

The wrap palazzo appears two in style. The wrap design palazzo pants create a fashion-forward get up and always ensure a comfortable fit to go with your outfits.

Pleated Palazzo


The pleated palazzo pants are structured with pleats on the entire pant. They add a swing at each step and the wide-legged pants always add a little extra to the look.

Tuck Palazzo


The tuck palazzo pants usually have a tucked design. It’s a stunning piece that has decided to enter this season which is a comfortable choice.

These pants are in vogue and when you wish to change your fashion game opt for this style.

Wrap Front Palazzo

Wrap Front

The wrap front palazzo pants have the wrap in the front rather than on the sides. These pants have a dashing appeal to it which has been a sensation throughout the time.

They are a perfect choice for dressy evenings.

Sheer Palazzo Trousers

Sheer Trousers

The sheer palazzo pants have a see-through and are made with transparent fabric. These pants add a sensuous touch to the look and are an apt choice for party nights.

The Palazzo Trousers (Summary)

These palazzo trousers are the keys to accentuate your fashion sense and add some liveliness in your wardrobe.

Own this perfect piece in this weather that range in fit and bold colors. The pants are chic and when worn well they can add a mind-blowing desire to the look.

Remember to go for one that fits well at the waist and flares out from the thigh. Fabrics like chiffon or georgette will give the perfect silhouette without hugging your body.

What is your choice among those trousers? Let us know by dropping your comment at the box below.

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  1. This is the BEST description of the high variety seen in Palazzo Pants and Trousers. I LIKE it. Really, I covet having one of each. >…in my dreams 😀

  2. I love wearing them they are so nice and loose from hip to toe my second favorite baggy loose pants next to Harem pants and compliments both genders and they are very beautiful and sexy too the touch I highly recommend them to anyone who loves them.


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