Tips for Your Wedding Gown That Will Help You Exude Confidence

Your wedding is supposed to be one of the most joyous moments in your life. You are celebrating your love with your significant other and you get to spend the day showered in appreciation. And if you’re being honest with yourself, a major part of this is feeling confident in your gown. After all, this is the glimmering garment that will signify the enormous change you are about to embark on. 

As featured in Slate’s Say Yes to the Mess series, a lot of brides have even recently turned to therapy because of how stressed they end up feeling while planning and getting ready for their wedding. Brides have admitted to feeling like both the producer and talent that needs to show up to the big event, and this can take its toll on your confidence. 

If you’re going to enjoy your own wedding and make the most of it, make sure you follow a few tips that will make you look and feel like the best bride to ever grace a ceremony. 

Go for a Dress that Reflects Your Style

You deserve to proudly strut your personal style and have a gorgeous gown that matches your own resilience! You can either opt for something traditional, go out of the box, or even stick to a theme that will also apply to the wedding party and guests.

77 Diamonds notes that one of the most important decisions you’ll have on your plate is choosing what to wear. According to their wedding planning guide, seeking inspiration online and setting enough time to go dress shopping and mood boarding are essential to getting the “perfect” dress without feeling overwhelmed by it. It’s just about taking time to think of a full look that actually represents your style and makes you feel empowered. If you’re not settling for a dress you’re uncomfortable in or rushing to get a gown in a snap, you might be surprised at just how much it boosts your confidence. 

Choose the Right Undergarment

Ever heard of dopamine dressing? It’s what Self describes as the act of wearing clothes that will boost your mood. This doesn’t just apply to the gown that everyone else will see. If you’re going to feel your best on your wedding day, then you’ll want to have undergarments that boost your confidence all the same. 

Obviously, you want something that will work for your shape and the type of dress you’re wearing. If you don’t take this into account, you may end up with underwear that is unflattering for your gown. Even worse, it can just feel uncomfortable and restrictive. 

Whether you’re going for some ribbed corsetry, body shapers, or a classic combo of bras and underwear, you don’t want to have to preoccupy yourself with worries of lines showing through the garment or peeking out. You also shouldn’t feel squeezed in or unsupported. 

Work With Someone Experienced with Your Skin and Body Type

It’s best to work with a professional that is not just skilled in their craft but also knows exactly how to handle your skin tone and body type. Having that insider knowledge simply makes them more likely to know what types of cuts, shapes, and even fabric will bring out your best glow. 

Too often, even seasoned pros in the industry mess up because they just don’t have experience in styling specific forms. Don’t cut yourself short on your big day! Take the time to find someone who knows how to maximize the beauty you already possess. Whether you’re getting a gown made or seeking out a tailor to adjust a gown you’ve already bought, the right professional will make you feel ready for anything. 

Test Different Silhouettes for Movement

It’s easier to be confident when you actually feel comfortable. Who can strut like a queen when they’re in clothes that feel too loose or tight? There are so many amazing wedding gown styles in Nigeria that you can choose from, so you should pick out a top five that interests you aesthetically and then try them on before making your final choice. 

Posing is a given, but you should also move around and try to sit and stand in the garment. This will give you an idea of how the fabric flows and feels as you move around. Trust that this will be essential considering how long weddings can be.

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Embrace Yourself

It may seem basic, but the best way to project confidence is simply to embrace yourself at the end of the day. Regardless of what gown you end up wearing, the joy you exude from within will dictate just how great you look on your wedding day. 

A global survey from Evolution and Human Behavior revealed that women spend way more time on beauty compared to men, with a huge number of women feeling the need to take more time because of the pressure to meet societal standards. When you’re feeling this stress leading up to your wedding, remember that the way you carry yourself and feel within is the most important element in feeling stunning and wonderful. 


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