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What Is Georgette Fabric? [Must Know]

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I’m back again with a piece of very important information about the georgette fabric. It is a decorative fabric used in apparel.

Part of the crepe fabric family, Georgette is a woven silk textile that is translucent with a slightly puckered surface.

It is a type of crepe fabric that is typically made from pure silk but can also be made from synthetic fibers like rayon, viscose, and polyester.

The thing that makes georgette distinctive is the crinkly crepe-light texture, which feels slightly rough and dull, but gives it a bouncy, flowing look.

georgette fabric

Georgettes are sometimes sold in solid colors but georgette can be printed and often boasts colorful floral prints

The textile is traditionally made from silk. Although synthetic fibers such as polyester are sometimes used as well.

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Therefore, to incorporate georgette into a design requires more than a good eye and skilled sewing.

Now, let talk briefly about the history of the georgette textile.

The History Of Georgette

This fabric is dull-finished, lightweight, sheer, and also known as crepe Georgette. It is named after the twenty-ninth dressmaker from France named Georgette de la Plante.

Back in the 20th century, Madame Georgette de la Plante introduced the tenderness of a gorgeous textile widely now known as “Georgette”.

georgette fabric

Most of its usage has been dated back to 1915. She was a French dressmaker, who like every other French fashion designer.

Types Of Georgette Fabric

Georgette fabric comes in many forms and can be made into several different varieties, each with its own characteristics.

Stretch Georgette

Stretch Georgette

Stretch Georgette contains spandex or other elastic components into the weave for added stretch.

Embroidered Georgette

Embroidered Georgette

In the types of georgette, embroidery georgette embellished with sequins, beadwork, or threads.

Satin Georgette

georgette fabric

Satin Georgette is a fluid non-sheer georgette with a beautiful sheen that has more weight and more dense than our satin chiffon, pearl chiffon, and georgette range.

Double Georgette

Double crepe

It is slightly thicker than the single Georgette and it drapes very well, making it a popular choice for women fashions in which flowing fabrics are favored.

Jacquard Georgette

Jacquard crepe

a type of fabric woven on a jacquard loom. Jacquard patterns are very stable, strong, and durable compared to prints.

Poly Georgette

georgette fabric

The Polyester Georgette is an extremely light, float fabric with a soft draping quality. It is demanded its excellent finish, softness, wrinkle and shrinkage resistance, smooth texture, and convenient washing.

Characteristics of Georgette

Several characteristics make Georgette a unique fabric. These include:

  • Lightweight and breathable: Georgette is a light, flowy fabric that is fairly breathable. However, georgette made with synthetic fibers is less breathable than those made with silk.
  • Holds dye well: due to high absorbency, silk fabrics feature the most vibrant prints and colors. Plus, they are colorfast. Oh, and they also dry quickly
  • Nice drape: it is a very flowy fabric and has a nice structure and drape, particularly for dresses and skirts.
  • Crinkled: Georgette is known for its signature puckered appearance, which is a result of the tightly twisted yarns used in the weave.
  • Slight stretch: It has some bounce and gives as a result of the weave and tight yarn twists
  • Quality: Silk georgette material is strong. It’s more stable compared to chiffon.

The Georgette Fabric (Summary)

And there you have the meaning of georgette fabric, types and other important things about it.

Garments and other textiles made with georgette are generally delicate and used for ceremonial occasions.

Deciding on choosing one of these fabrics is amazing. Try it out and see the difference from others.

So, what did you have to say about the fabric? Please kindly comment and don’t hesitate to like and share.

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