What Is Kaftan

In the fashion world today, the kaftan style is timeless and ageless. It is the perfect dress for any woman, any size, and any shape.

Is there one comfy and cool dress your wardrobe needs regardless of what you do for work and how old you are? It is a kaftan style.

But is there more to know about the dress? Actually, it’s not just for ladies, but for guys too. There is a lot to know about it.

For you to know the things that make a caftan, this post is for you. Read to the end, and be enlightened.

What Is Kaftan?

Kaftan or Caftan is a loose long gown type dress and is traditionally worn by women/men in Middle Eastern countries including Pakistan and Persia as daily wear.

And today, it is worn worldwide. It has long held a coveted fashion as well as a cultural status.


A caftan has long, wide sleeves and is open in the front, although frequently it is bound with a sash. It is often worn as a coat or as an overdress.

The History Of Caftan Style

According to the Encyclopedia of Islam, this fashion came up quite early among Arabs under the influence of Persian fashions.

In Arabic, the word khaftan (kaftan) is used just like in Persian. It is described as a long robe as far as the calves sometimes or just under the knee.

what is kaftan

It is open at the front and the sleeves are slightly cut at the wrists or even as far as to the middle of the arms.

From the lustrous houses of sultans all the way to the runway, the kaftan has a rich legacy that makes it more than a fad. Want to try out the look for yourself, you should get the fabric to sow yours.

Advantages Of Caftan Design

The advantages of Caftan is not too hard to trace up. Its popularity has much to do with functional comfort and versatility.

  • They are usually free-flowing, loose attires of varying lengths, cuts, and sleeve lengths.
  • kaftans can be designed to create more feminine and shape-enhancing outfits, cinched at the waistline to emphasize the body curves.
  • personal style with your favorite accessories can be added up to it
  • It comes in a variety of designs, colors, and fabrics

What Is Kaftan Style (Summary)

I hope you have gained a lot about kaftan design for clothing in this post. It’s flattering for everybody type.

As I said earlier, the most interesting thing about a caftan is that they are usually free-flowing, loose attires of varying lengths, cuts, and sleeve lengths.

Meanwhile, this dress name is commonly used among ladies. But it is called ‘Agbada’ in men’s fashion design.

What is your thought about this?  Let us know by giving your comment below, and don’t forget to like and share.

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