What Is Tuxedo

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When discussing dress codes, suits, tuxedos, dinner jackets, and more are not left behind. Though many of these garments look similar, there are key differences among them.

In this article, we’ll be addressing the meaning of the tuxedo, its differentiation with a suit, and many more.

Many don’t understand the difference between a tuxedo and a suit, and with the style of tuxes changing, it’s becoming even harder to tell them apart.

Tuxedo Meaning

It is an ensemble (or outfit) of clothing which includes a white dress shirt, a bow tie, dress pants, a tux suit jacket (sometimes called a dinner jacket), leather dress shoes, and sometimes a vest or cummerbund, top hat, and gloves.


Tuxedos are technically a suit. The garment is better known as a dinner suit in England. Both are pretty smart.

Allow us to help clear up some confusion with a deep-dive into the suit vs tux question in particular.

What are the differences between a tuxedo and a suit? Are there specific accessories I should wear when donning a tux?

What Is The Difference Between Tuxedos And Suit?

Many don’t understand the difference between a tuxedo and a suit, and with the style of tuxes changing, it’s becoming even harder to tell them apart.

Though they can seem similar, there are fundamental differences between a tuxedo and a suit.

tuxedo vs suit

So, keep in mind that our comparisons below are rooted in the most conventional sense of the two styles.

  • Fabric
  • Shirt
  • Tie
  • Button
  • Pocket Styling
  • Lapel
  • The Pants


tux vs suit lapel
Image Credit: blacklapel.com

The lapels of a suit and tux are where the lines start to blur. Both evening suit jackets and dinner jackets can have notch and peak lapels, with peak lapels generally standing out as the dressier option.

Pocket Styling

tuxedo vs suit pocket

Pocket styles are another major difference between a tux vs suit jacket. Flapped pockets on suits add fabric to the jacket, making it less sleek and dressy.

This is why tux jackets feature jetted pockets – making the whole appearance of the jacket more formal.


tux vs suit color

Tuxedos are available in a significantly more limited color range than suits. Suits can be made from a lighter color fabric.

Black is a bold indicator of class and culture, hence most classic tuxedos are made in black or midnight blue. Classic colors for suits are versatile colors like navy blue or grey.

The Pants

tuxedo vs suit pants

First, as we mentioned, tuxedo pants have a satin strip down the side of the pant legs to match the satin on the jacket lapel.


tuxedo vs suit button

In addition to having satin covered buttons, the tuxedo jacket should also come in just a single closure button design.

Suit jackets range from one to three buttons, but for your tux jacket, we suggest limiting it to one.

A single button tux jacket forms longer unbroken lines in the front which creates an elegance consistent with the aesthetics of a clean and sleek look.


tux vs suit shoes

This one’s simple. Suits are worn with leather shoes that complement the suit’s texture. And what of Tux?

It’ll tie in nicely with the black in your lapel and bow-tie. They can be patent leather, suede, or a recently shined calfskin oxford.

The Shirt

This can be a broad topic but we’ll keep it simple and only discuss: color, collar, and cuff of shirts that go with tuxedos.

tux vs suit shirt
  • Collar: The collar of a traditional tuxedo shirt comes in what is called a wingtip, the design meant to be worn with a bow tie
  • Cuffs: While cufflinks make an occasional appearance with suits, they’re a consistently good pairing with your tux.
  • Color: Regardless of any other design feature, your tuxedo should always be worn with a white shirt — no exceptions

Suits are worn with a casual or button-up dress shirt. They could be in solid colors or with a variety of patterns. Tuxedos are worn with solid white button-up shirts with studs.

Check out the simplest anatomy of tuxedos and suit. This will help you quickly understand the whole thing.

What Is Tuxedo
Tuxedo diagram
What Is Tuxedo

What Is Tuxedo? (Summary)

And now you have got to know more about Tuxedos (Tux), and also the difference between it with a suit.

A tux is a tux, and a suit is a suit. Knowing the differences between the two is important because, at some point in his life, there’s a good chance that a man will have to wear a tuxedo.

Anytime you wear any of it, ensure you dressed appropriately. Now, Tux or suit? Check out the latest suit for men’s images.

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