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What is Fashion Design? [Must know]

Have you ever think of what fashion design is? Take a minute and look at yourself, you might have seen something that protects and, covers you.

Or even make you more attractive and even make you feel comfortable and move around with boldness? That is the help of clothing.

Let now discuss briefly what fashion design means. Fashion Design is just an act of applying design and beauty to clothing and other accessories.

A fashion designer is therefore responsible for creating new ideas and concepts of new clothing designs starting with sketches or even making patterns of new garments.  

A designer must even have the experience of tailoring like cutting, sewing, wrapping, etc to make the new design more attractive.

The Origin of Fashion Design

Fashion- design
Fashion Design

The origination of fashion has started with Charles Frederick Worth in the 19th century, is an Englishman who was early a draper before he opened his couture house in Paris in 1846.

 He was the first designer to dictate to his customers what to wear rather than following their demands.

And now in the 20th century, fashion has been mass-produced and with new designs of clothes all around the world.

The Fashion Designers

Today, fashion has become a global industry, and most major countries have a fashion industry.

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To work as a fashion designer, you have to be creative and be able to use textiles to create astonishing fashion designs.

 You don’t have to be a great artist that has many ideas in sketches, but you must have some special skills like combining colors and shapes to craft awesome garments.

Fashion- design

Fashions designers don’t just have skills but must try to be interested in learning new things and even read magazines, journals, and books that are based on fashion design and new trends.

Fashion designing has been a very good career option for fashion lovers.

Meanwhile, becoming a fashion designer is not a day’s work because you need a tutor to tutelage you on how to acquire skills like pattern cutting and sewing.

I have got a list of Fashion schools in Nigeria where you can acquire your dreams to become a successful fashion designer.

Fashion and Design (Summary)

There you have my brief meaning and history of fashion design. It has been an inevitable part of our lives.

In this century, there have been many fashion Blogs founded by fashion designers in Nigeria where you can get information as much as possible, and even how they start and now become successful fashion designers.

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