Ankara print fabric

The Ankara print is ubiquitous and prevalent among African fabrics, particularly West African ones.

African clothing was traditionally worn for major occasions such as family reunions, marriages, and festivals.

African textiles and prints are worn with joy, and wearing an African print on a special occasion is a source of pride for every woman.

These textiles would not be worn for any special occasion or significance. African fabric is a component of cultural identity and a symbol of cultural history.

What Is Ankara?

It is made of 100% cotton and has vivid patterns. It is typically a colorful cloth that is linked with Africa due to its tribal-like designs and motifs.

Ankara print has shown to be flexible, and it is now recognized and utilized on a global scale.

Ankara print

It has suddenly become a must-have in many people’s wardrobes, regardless of origin or culture.

Also, did you know about the Kitenge fabric? You may be wondering if there is a distinction between Ankara and Kitenge.

There is no distinction between the two materials. Most of us have Kitenge and are unaware of what cloth we are wearing. Wax print names oo, laugh…

But, where precisely did Ankara come from? That is the most common inquiry, and you will be relieved to get the answer from us.

The Origins Of African Ankara Print

However, by referring to this cloth as “African,” we are ignoring a much greater story about where it originated.

Ankara is an African print that is popular in Nigeria. The print gained global recognition in 2010, yet it has been around for a long time.

The Dutch originally produced Ankara for the Indonesian textile market, but the prints gained major popularity in West African countries due to the tribal-like patterns.

How To Care For Your Africa Wax Prints

After wearing your vivid African print shirt and receiving numerous praises, you’re probably thinking, “How do I properly wash and care for the fabric?”

While it may appear difficult, there are actions you can do to ensure your items remain in the same fantastic condition in which you acquired them.

Here are some general guidelines to consider!

  • Colors should be separated from whites. If you want to mix African materials with others, be sure the fabrics are colorfast.
  • The safest and best way to clean your Ankara print fabrics is to hand wash them in cold or lukewarm water.
    If you have to use a washing machine, wash in cold water on the gentle cycle, and skip the spin cycle.
  • Hang or spread the clothes out to dry. Wringing or twisting them to dry will only damage the fabric’s beautiful colors and lead them to fade fast.
  • Because most African print fabrics are composed of cotton, use the cotton setting on your iron.
    However, keep an eye out for linen and other fragile materials that may require a lower setting.

The Ankara Print (Summary)

You should know more about the Ankara wax print than you did previously because the Ankara fabric will never go out of style.

Colors in Ankara prints are wonderful; they bring out more than just beauty. Also, the cloth is reasonably priced.

Typically, the textiles are marketed in lengths of 12 yards (11 meters) as a “full piece” or 6 yards (5.5 meters) as a “half piece.”

It is currently a must-have fabric all around the world. You can purchase one and have it fashioned by your favorite fashion designer. This fabric is commonly used to make garments for special occasions.

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