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8 Tips to Curl Your Hair Extensions the Right Way

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Curl hair. If you have short hair or don’t want to damage your hair with products and styling procedures, using extensions is the best option.

However, styling extensions is also not difficult; you don’t want to damage them.

First of all, you have to use human hair extensions instead of synthetic extensions as they can melt when
heated. Next, keep reading this blog to find eight essential tips to help you curl your hair at home!

1. Dry Your Hair

Curl hair

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when curling your hair is starting with wet hair.

Remember that your hair cuticles are exposed when wet, which is why you should dry your hair before using any hair styling tools.

Direct heat application to exposed cuticles can damage your natural hair and extensions in no time.

2. Choose the right tools

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All curly and wavy hairstyles are achieved using proper hair tools. You must identify the best tools for your specific curling needs to get the look you want.

Before you buy any curling tool from the market, you should check its specifications, like its barrel size.

Do your research, so you don’t run into problems when you get to the curling process.

3. Lower the temperature

According to research, not all hair types can tolerate heat similarly. You have to know whether your hair type can tolerate heat or not.

Instead of experimenting with your hair in different heat settings, the safest option for you is to lower the heat when you use any styling tool.

4. Apply heat protectant spray

A simple way to minimize damage during the heating process is to use a heat protectant spray.

This product becomes a protective barrier for your hair and ensures that your hair cuticles don’t get damaged during the heating process.

It’s important to choose the right heat protectant spray. You should ask your stylist about the heat protectant spray as they can suggest the best product according to your hair type.

It’s important to read the instructions before you use any heat protectant spray to avoid complications.

5. Section your hair

Proper sectioning allows you to curl your hair the right way. Before you use your curly iron on your hair, you should try sharpening your sectioning skills.

Spend some time learning the basics of sectioning if you are curling your hair for the first time.

6. Get different curls

You should not curl all your hair alike if you want a natural look.

Curl your hair in different sections to get the best look by switching up the direction in which you curl your hair.

7. Handle the tools properly

If you don’t want to mess up your hair, then you must be very careful when using any hair tools.

Try lowering the temperature of your curling iron, so it doesn’t get too hot for you to handle. Read the instructions for different hair tools so you can use them the right way.

8. Let your hair cool down

You should rush into brushing your hair after you’re done curling it. Applying mechanical pressure on your exposed cuticle can cause hair problems.

Let your hair cool down naturally, and then brush your hair.

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